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The “K-TIP Listener Club” is absolutely the best way to be informed about things that concern you. As a listener club member, you’ll have instant access to local high school football scores, the latest weather updates, special Buyers Market information, and much more! And, you can have the information you need sent directly to your cell phone as a text. So, whether it’s a local score you need, a frost report update, or just want to be “privy” to some K-TIP give-a-way items, become a “K-TIP Listener Club” member today. Remember, you get only what you need or want when you sign up. It’s all up to you & it’s from your friends at NewsTalk 1450, K-TIP.

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OUR PRIVACY POLICY: We ask you for your contact information in exchange for providing you with various benefits as part of our Listener’s Club. We will not sell or give away this information. We may use this information to contact you. If we do this, our contact will be by e-mail and will include an opportunity for you to “opt out” of future contact.